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Praising the Paradox

Forthcoming from Red Hen Press, Spring 2019.

This full collection of fifty-six poems reflecting on the concept of self, loss, fragility and the constructs we must create in order to face the transient nature of life was named a finalist in The New Issues Poetry Prize, The Four Way Books Intro Prize, The National Poetry Series, The Jacar Press Book Award, The Blue Light Press Book Award, The C&R Press De Novo Book Award, Trio House Book Award and Augury Books Book Award. It was also listed as a “remarkable work” in the Tupelo Press 2012 open submission period.


Blurbs: Praising the Paradox:

“Tina Schumann’s stunning new collection is extraordinary in its intelligence. She has organized her poems by locating the innumerable paradoxes in our lives, in our minds, in the world. Her book is brilliantly unique and, I dare say, unrepeatable; she owns this territory. And what is so important about a paradox? The answer is that paradox is what the world is made of. The other (necessary) ingredient here is feeling. A reader may cry when Schumann tells us about her father’s disintegration. Praising the Paradox will make you think, feel and reflect. Schumann’s lines will resonate in your heart. They will resonate in mine forever.”Kelly Cherry, Poet Laureate of Virginia (2010-2012) and author of Quartet for J. Robert Oppenheimer: A Poem.

“What I admire most in Praising the Paradox is the resilience throughout, and an awareness of the common world that both comforts and devastates. These poems navigate a landscape of loss where what goes on is the sway of stoplights, the waitress with her coffee-pot suspended in mid-air, the everyday moments that gather momentum and make a life. These poems celebrate the small gestures, carrying pain alongside joy, reminding us we are alive.” —Dorianne Laux, author of The Book of Men, winner of the Paterson Prize and Facts About the Moon, winner of the Oregon Book Award.