As If

Tina Schumann’s debut collection As If (Parlor City Press) was awarded the 2010 Stephen Dunn Poetry Prize.

“Schumann’s poems address the big questions successfully because the poet is honest in her self-reflective moments, rigorous in her moments of intellectual parry, playful linguistically, and keen in her perceptions of those off-the-radar states of being that are so tricky to catch in an accurate way. She refuses to be overwhelmed by the enormity of her task. Her reliance on tonal shifts, formal arrangement and personal accountability make for a collection that strips away the artifices of consolation even as it strives to bless.” —Lia Purpura, author of “King Baby”, winner of the 2007 Beatrice Hawley Award from Alice James Books.

“In As If we have a poet completely in her element. The voice/tone is consistent, strong, and each poem communicates with the others. This book dishes it out without being confrontational, subversion and surprise on every page. The pace/cadence is superbly controlled by intelligent line breaks (which may surprise the reader as these lines can be ridiculously long, the poems bulky, yet it’s all masterfully done), enjambments, and the musicality of Schumann’s diction. She is part Whitman, part prophet of the Americana. Not many poets I know can be both heartbreaking and funny, but Schumann manages to walk the line between grief and guffaw.”—Michael St. Paul,, Community Reviews.


As If can be purchased directly from the author via Paypal for $13.00 including shipping.

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