As If

Tina Schumann is the author of three poetry collections, As If (Parlor City Press) which was awarded the 2010 Stephen Dunn Poetry Prize, Requiem. A Patrimony of Fugues, winner of the Diode Editions Chapbook Contest for 2016 and Praising the Paradox (forthcoming from Red Hen Press, 2019) which was named a finalist in the National Poetry Series, Four Way Books Intro Prize and The New Issues Prize.


Photo of Tina Schumann's book of poetry, As If

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Questions & Answers

My friend, the writer Jill McCabe Johnson asked me to participate in the Pacific Northwest Writers’ Blog Tour. Below are my replies. Thanks Jill!

1) What am I working on?

The anthology I curated and edited, Two-Countries: U.S. Daughters and Sons of Immigrant Parents is completed and will see publication in the fall of 2017 with Red Hen Press. Before, during and after the editing process I continued editing the sixty odd poems in my current full manuscript Praising the Paradox (moving poems to new sections, taking some out, adding new ones, editing for clarity and economy, etc.). More recently I have been focusing on writing poems that concern my late father’s progressive dementia. I initially thought I would never write about this. It seemed too easy, too available, and there was the fear of flirting with sentimentality and the nagging feeling that I was in some way betraying my father. But the more I witnessed my father’s mind going astray the more the rich human material presented itself and I could not help but take notes. I began to think about all the things of this world that he loved, that defined him and that he was moving further and further away from; two of those being opera and classical music, especially Mozart. Fairly soon a title for a chapbook came to me Requiem: A Patrimony of Fugues. So with the title and the worlds of opera and orchestral music came a kind of structure I could hang my hat on, a stage on which to place the poems. Not to mention the intriguing lexicon, lingo and phrasing of both art forms to draw from.


Tina Schumann is the author of two poetry collections, “As If” (Parlor City Press, 2010) which was the recipient of the Stephen Dunn Poetry Prize and “Praising the Paradox” (Red Hen Press, 2019).  The anthology she curated and edited, “Two Countries. U.S. Daughters and Sons of Immigrant Parents” is forthcoming from Red Hen Press in the fall of 2017. Her work has been named a finalist in several national contest, including the National Poetry Series and the Four Way Books Intro Prize. Her work received honorable mentions in The Atlantic 2008 poetry contest as well as the 2010 Crab Creek Review poetry contest and in 2012 her work was named a finalist in the Annual Poetry Contest. She is a Pushcart nominee, a featured poet at the 2014 Skagit River Poetry Festival, the Assistant Director of